Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey guys! I have decided to start a new blog about all things nail polish! I have another one but I was having a lot of issues with it so I decided to start over and change my name to The Catty Colorer, seems more me! Since my first post starts on Halloween, Ill start off with my Halloween nails that I did myself! I got the designs from a popular Youtuber named Cutepolish. She had a great video of 10 different Halloween ideas!  I'm pretty amateur when it comes to doing nail designs but this was a lot of fun and I do like how they turned out! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I know I did, I dressed up as a Witch and my 4 year old son was Super Mario, he got spoiled with candy! Check out the the picture and description of my nails below!

So the 5 designs I chose were a Spider Web, A Jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein, A bleeding nail, and a Skeleton. I bought a Striper first to try and make the designs but I was no good at using it so I just ended up using my dotting tools and a nail art pen. My spider web is a little on the big side lol but I think most people can still tell what it is! I took the picture before doing clean up around my nails, so It's a tiny bit messy!

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