Thursday, November 14, 2013

KBShimmer Winter 2013

Hey guys, today I have 5 colors from the KBShimmer Winter 2013 Collection. I bought the ones that I liked the most and grabbed one for my friend. Check out the pics below!

Christmas Now. A green jelly mixed with glitter of various shapes and sizes. 3 coats

I'd Rather Be With Blue. A matte blue shimmer polish. First and 3rd finger have top coat. 2 coats

Maybe Navy. The main color is supposed to be blue but it looks like purple is the main color to me. It shifts from purple to blue and green. 3 coats

Toast-est With The Mostest. A glitter polish filled with pink and gold glitter with some holo micro glitter. 2 coats over Essie She's Picture Perfect.

Kringle All The Way. A another glitter polish with white, green,silver, and red circle glitters with holo glitter. 2 coats over OPI Big Red Apple

You can purchase these polishes at and for people outside of the US

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elevation Polish Pic De Sotllo and Stay Behind, Catch A Wave

Hey guys! Today I have some Elevation Polish to share with you guys. Elevation Polish is another indie brand I really like. I have Pic De Sotllo and Stay Behind,Catch a Wave. Check out the pics below

Here's Stay Behind, Catch A Wave. It was at first sight with this polish lol. I saw it on The Polishaholic's blog. Its a beautiful glitter topper with blue,green,and silver circle and hex glitters. This was the first circle glitter polish that I purchased and I've been hooked ever since!

Pic De Sotllo. I was searching for the perfect blue polish for so long, I never thought I'd find what I was looking for. I though I had found it when I purchased Essie Mesmerize until I realized the picture of the swatch I looked at was not even close to how it really looks, which was so disappointing.  I came across this stunner while looking for Stay Behind, Catch A Wave. This is my favorite color ever lol. It's a true vibrant blue.

I decided to use these 2 in a combo. Best Decision ever lol! It looks amazing.It makes me think of the Ocean.

You can purchase these 2 colors and many others at

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cheetah Print Nail Art

Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It was a pretty crappy weekend here lots of rain mixed with snow! Today I have some nail art to share with you. I've always thought cheetah print nails were awesome so I finally decided to try and do it . It was pretty easy and I think I did a good job for my first time lol. Check out the photo below!

I used Keeping Suzi at Bay by OPI for my base. I then used a dotting tool to make the light blue circles, the color is Avenue Maintain by Essie. Then I used Sally Hansen Black Out to make smaller dots and to half cover the circles. I will definitely be trying this again but with different colors!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Crushing Candy and Danse Macabre 2.0

Hey guys, Happy Friday! It's really cold and grey outside today, that means winter is fast approaching! I wish it was summer all year round lol. Today I have 2 glitter polishes from Lumina Lacquer. Check out the pics below.

Danse Macabre 2.0. I really wanted Crushing Candy, but since I live in Canada, shipping is usually pricey for me so I always buy 2 bottles from a brand so it makes it worth it for me to buy. I chose this one. I really liked the name because I'm a huge Stephen King fan and he wrote a book called Danse Macabre, that was all I kept thinking about when I saw this polish, so I added it to my cart. It's a mix of black,yellow,white,red, and blue glitters of varying size and shape. So unique and stunning! I used 2 coats over Essie In The Cab-Ana.

Crushing Candy. I was after this polish for a while,When I finally had the extra money to buy it, I had to wait a few weeks until it was restocked on the Lumina Lacquer website. This is a limited edition polish with matte neon glitters in a range of shapes and sizes, inspired by the super popular Candy Crush Saga. I am one of the many who really enjoy this game. I've been stuck on level 147 forever and what makes it worse is that the game no longer works for me,which really sucks lol. I think this captures the essence of Candy Crush perfectly! I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen Black Out. It also looked really nice over OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, but the black really makes the neon glitters pop!

I got one of the final two bottles of Danse Macabre 2.0 so you won't be able to purchase it any longer. Crushing Candy is out of stock at the moment but I believe it will be restocked at least one more time before being discontinued. You can purchase Lumina Lacquer from A bunch of new polishes have just been released as well.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sally Hansen Silver Streamers

Hey guys, today I have Sally Hansen Silver Streamers to share with you! I grabbed this at Wal Mart a few weeks ago for $2.97. It's from their Xtreme Wear Fall 2013 collection. Check out the pic below!

Silver Streamers is a glitter polish with black and silver hex glitters of multiple sizes and black bar glitter. It's gorgeous! I did 2 coats over Essie She's Pampered. I love Sally Hansen. The prices and quality are awesome!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nail Mail featuring KBShimmer and Girly Bits!

Hey guys, today I'm excited to share my nail mail with you! I ordered some KBShimmer and Girly Bits on Friday from Harlow & Co. All the KBShimmers I purchased are from their new Winter 2013 Collection. They released 22 new polishes, 11 of which are collaborations with popular bloggers! I also bought a Girly Bits from their Fall 2013 Collection. I am hoping to have some swatches up in the next week or two! Check out the photos below!

First up is Toast-ess With The Mostest. It was created with Peachy Polish. It consists of gold,pink, and silver hex and circle glitters with holographic micro glitter. When I first saw it in the bottle, It didn't interest me that much, but when I saw it swatched, I was stunned at how beautiful this was!

Here's I'd Rather Be With Blue, created with Cosmetic Sanctuary. It's a gorgeous matte blue with a hint of  silver shimmer, in certain lighting the shimmer shifts from blue to green . This is the perfect winter blue. I plan on doing some snowman nail art with this as the base color!

 Kringle All The Way is a polish filled with red,silver, and green circle glitter,which also includes holographic micro glitter. I have a little obsession with circle glitter lol and since that is pretty much what it constists of, I had to buy it. This is also a charity polish, for every bottle sold between Nov 1st and Nov 30th, $4 from each bottle will be going to Toys for Tots!

 Christmas Now(purchased for a friend), created with Crystal's Crazy Combos, Is a light green jelly polish filled with all kinds of glitter that vary in size and shape. This is what Christmas looks like in a bottle!

Maybe Navy, is a blue polish that shifts from purple to green. This is one of my favorites out of the Winter Collection!

Girly Bits What the Deuce? Is a holographic green polish. The holo is subtle in this but it is lovely nonetheless! This is inspired by Family Guy. I absolutely love the name since Stewie is my favorite character.

Sorry for the tonne of photos lol I just wanted to show how beautiful all of these polishes are! I have links to all the blogs I mentioned below.

You can purchase KBShimmer at, or if you are outside of the US(like me) you can purchase at . Girly Bits can also be found on the Harlow & Co. website or

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pop Culture Cosmetics Pink Moon and Rainbow Bridge

Hey polish lovers! Today I have 2 polishes from Pop Culture Cosmetics! Back in August I came across Pop Culture Cosmetics, another indie brand with different and unique polishes. I grabbed Pink Moon and Rainbow Bridge. Check out the photos below!

Here's Pink Moon, paer of their New Moon Collecion.  A glitter polish packed with pink and silver holographic stars,moons,and circles of different sizes . This is so stunning in the bottle and on the nail! I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen Black Out. I placed some of the bigger glitters onto my nail but they were very easy to get out of the bottle.

Next is Rainbow Bridge. A white Crelly filled with glitters from all colors of the rainbow! The creator got inspiration for this polish after her cat passed away and someone gave her a poem called Rainbow Bridge. I think most of us know how it can feel to lose a beloved pet , and I think it's awesome that she made this in memory of her cat! I have a thing for glitter polishes in a white base so I bought this along with Pink Moon. I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen White Out. I used artificial lighting for these photos and for some reason it made my fingers look reddish lol.

Rainbow Bridge is discontinued but they just restocked Pink Moon. You can buy these polishes plus many newly released polishes at

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dollar Store Deals featuring OPI!

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed the rest of your weekend and that extra hour on Sunday from turning the clocks back, I know I did! Today I have 2 colors from OPI.  I was at my local Dollarama yesterday grabbing a few things, and I went to check out the polishes like I do every time I go lol, and I was pleasantly surprised to see OPI! I know they carried popular brands but I had never seen that particular brand there before! They only had 3 colors to choose from and I grabbed 2(the other was a grey creme). They were $3 each! What an amazing price considering I can still buy these colors online for $9 and $11. Check out the photos below!

First up is Just A Little Rosti At This. It's a deep red creme that almost leans towards burgundy. I don't usually like darker polishes but I thought this one was pretty. I used 2 coats with no top coat.This Color is from their 2010 Swiss Collection, retails for $9 online

Next is Excuse Moi!! It's a mixed hex glitter polish in a pink jelly base. I really like this one! The different colored glitter look beautiful on the nail! I used 2 coats to get it opaque and I layered 1 coat of it over Just a Little Rosti on my accent nail, so you could wear this either way. This is from their 2011 Holiday Collection, retails for $11 online

What I purchased yesterday was an amazing deal! Instead of costing me $20 for these 2, it was only $6! Can't go wrong with deals like that! If any of you are a polish junkie like myself, I suggest checking out your local Dollarama.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dollish Polish Inconceivable! and Go Luigi!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Today I wanted to show you 2 glitter polishes that I have from Dollish Polish. It's another great Indie brand with a lot of beautiful polishes. The 2 I have are Inconceivable from the Princess Bride Collection, and Go Luigi! from the Super Mario Bros Collection. Check out the the swatches below!

First up is Inconceivable! I love rainbow glitter and The Princess Bride movie so I grabbed this one! This contains almost every color,shape, and size that you can imagine! It's amazing! This is 2 coats of Inconceivable! over OPI Need Sunglasses? I took a picture of the bottle so you guys can see how much colored glitters it's packed with!

Next is Go Luigi! I'm a huge fan of Super Mario Bros plus this was on sale so I couldn't resist! It's a glitter polish that contains green and blue multi-sized hexes with silver stars! It's super cute! I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow(my nails were a lot longer when this picture was taken lol)

You can buy Dollish Polish Lacquer at

Friday, November 1, 2013

Different Dimension My Highlighter Exploded and Wish You Were Here

Hey guys, Happy Friday! Glad the weekend is here. Today I have 2 polishes from Different Dimension to show you. Different Dimension is an indie brand that I love! The color and glitter polishes are amazing and pretty unique. I have Wish You Were Here and My Highlighter Exploded to show you! Check out the photos below!

First Up is My Highlighter Exploded. This is packed with different sized hex neon blue,purple,yellow,green, and pink glitters. I really wanted to try this over black but when I swatched it, the black really took away from the neon colors so I did it over Sally Hansen White Out. I used two coats of glitter for the photo below

Next up Is Wish You Were Here. This is part of Different Dimension's Echoes Collection. It is one of my absolute favorite polishes ever!! It's filled with blue,silver,pink and fuchsia holographic glitters that come in circle and square shapes plus a variety of sizes. It is so beautiful in the bottle and on the nail. Just amazing. I swatched it over one of my other favorite polishes, OPI Eurso Euro. This color tends to look amazing under any kind of glitter polish! I used two coats for the photo below and did some glitter placement. Wasn't hard to get the big glitters out of the bottle.

You can buy these and many other awesome polishes from Different Dimension on Etsy.